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Our story

We started out 3D printing as a hobby, watching something be created right in front of you was a captivating experience.  After printing many designs and messing around with the technology we realized the potential that it had for the future.  We wanted to leverage the artistic aspect of 3D printing but in order to stand out we knew that we needed to fully utilize color and create new products.  With no experience designing 3D models or creating products we knew we would need to learn in order to fully create our vision. 


Learning how to 3D model and use the software led to a brand new way to create 3D printed products that combines 3D sculptures with 2D images.  Adding a set of magnets to these products makes them mobile with the ability to be easily attached to different bags.  Combining the mobile nature of the product with the high customization available leads to a new format for artists and businesses to utilize for the future.

What started as an idea for a business led us down a path of artistic discovery and appreciation that has altered who we are as people and how we view life.

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